Ioncell® is first and foremost a research project. Our researchers from Aalto University and the University of Helsinki have been developing the Ioncell technology for nearly ten years. We are always open for new research proposals and collaborations so don't hesitate to tell us about your idea!



The Ioncell® process utilizes a solvent called ionic liquid to dissolve cellulose. In the dissolved state, cellulose can be transformed into beautiful, strong fibers using the dry-jet wet spinning technology. The only chemicals applied are the non-toxic ionic liquid and water. They are both re-circulated in the process in a closed loop.


Ioncell® fibers feel soft and are strong even when wet. Because of their high tenacity, Ioncell® fibers are optimal also in technical applications such as composites.

Ioncell® fiber properties

  • Moisture absorbing
  • Biodegradable
  • Bright lustre
  • Can be dyed like cotton and viscose

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  • Ma, Y., Hummel, M.; Kontro, I.; Sixta, H. (2017): High performance man-made cellulosic fibres from recycled newsprints. Green Chem. 20, 160–169. Read the publication
  • Asaadi, S.; Hummel, M.; Hellsten, S.; Härkäsalmi, T.; Ma, Y.; Michud, A.; Sixta, H. (2016): Renewable High-Performance Fibers from the Chemical Recycling of Cotton Waste Utilizing an Ionic Liquid. ChemSusChem 9(22): 3250–3258. Read the publication
  • Michud, A.; Tanttu, M.; Asaadi, S.; Ma, Y.; Netti, E.; Kääriäinen, P.; Persson, A.; Berntsson, A.; Hummel, M.; Sixta, H. (2016): Ioncell-F: ionic liquid-based cellulosic textile fibers as an alternative to viscose and Lyocell. Textile Research Journal 86 (5): 543-552. Read the publication

Ioncell® turns wood into garments and clothes

Ioncell® is part of Aalto University's campaign that brings prominent research projects into the limelight. Could Ioncell® be the savior of the current textile industry? Take a look!

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Professor Herbert Sixta
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