Itsen‰isyysp‰iv‰n vastaanotto 2018 ||| Independence Day reception – Helsinki Finland

Tasavallan presidentti Sauli Niinistˆ ja rouva Jenni Haukio poseeraavat presidenttiparin kuvauksessa ennen itsen‰isyysp‰iv‰n vastaanottoa Helsingiss‰ 6. joulukuuta 2018. ||| President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistˆ with his spouse Mrs Jenni Haukio pose ahead of the Independence Day reception in Helsinki, Finland on December 6, 2018. A total of 1,700 people, who are distinguished in various ways and in different fields, have been invited to attend the Finnish Independence day reception. Invited guests will include, in particular, Finns who have made both small and large efforts to promote sustainability and the environment.

Kuva: Vesa Moilanen / Lehtikuva

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