The textile industry consumes a huge amount of natural resources. At the same it presents great opportunities for new business for people who want to make a change. If you’re interested in investing in a sustainable, high quality textile technology, look no further! Ioncell® is the answer.

Roadmap for commercialization

Ioncell Roadmap

Currently, we are looking for collaborators and funding for the piloting phase and for the further upscaling and commercialization activities.

Let's collaborate! Contact us:

Antti Rönkkö
Business inquiries
CEO, Ioncell Oy
tel: +358 50 518 4750

Curious about the science behind Ioncell®?

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Business inquiries

Antti Rönkkö
CEO, Ioncell Oy
+358 50 518 4750

Research proposals

Professor Herbert Sixta
Lead researcher
Aalto University
+358 50 384 1764